Translation for Medical Devices

Medical devices include everything from a tongue depressor to a CAT scan machine. Technically, a medical device is defined as any object that can be used to diagnose, prevent or treat a condition or disease in the human body without actually changing the chemical makeup of any one part.

In that way, medical devices differ from pharmaceuticals because though they are often used for treatment, they do not cause any change to the body. They use external measurements to determine where a problem lies or how it can be affected.

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The development of medical devices combines both technology and medicine. As technology grows more prominent globally, new devices are developed and research becomes easier. Since medical devices are shared across the global landscape, medical device translation is extremely important.

Compliance is a key aspect of translation services for medical devices. Learn more about the MDMA Compliance guidelines here. MDMA is the main association for medical device manufacturers.

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Medical Devices Spurs Progress

When a new medical device is invented, other scientists try to replicate and perfect the design, giving us many necessary medical devices used today. For a medical device to be replicated and researched in another country, the documentation must first be translated to fit the language of the country it is being sent to.

During replication, an incorrect medical translation could cause errors in the final product, costing the company creating it millions of dollars. Therefore, it is essential the linguists performing the medical device translation have a solid understanding of the medical terminology used for every project.

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Medical devices also require investors. Often, researchers in the United States are working for larger corporations abroad, so translations are required for the communication between each party involved in the project. With the help of foreign investors and research agencies, medical devices can be invented and distributed at a rapid pace.

These devices can save lives by treating and diagnosing life-threatening conditions quickly, so patients can benefit every time a new device is rapidly invented. If you are in the medical device field, you might need translation of the following documents:

• Investor proposals
• Protocol documents for government approval
• Instruction manuals
• Marketing brochures
• Research documentation
• Labeling
• Packaging
• Consent forms
• Patent applications

Professional Translation Services

There are many branches in the field of life sciences that require exact translations, and the development and research behind medical devices are certainly two of them. Medical devices play a large role in medicine and health in the modern world, and such a role would not even be possible without proper and accurate translation.

Companies in need of medical translations should not settle for a budget language service agency, as doing so could result in the loss of thousands of dollars and even the loss of life due to medical errors and misunderstandings.

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