Localization Addresses – Part 1

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How to Handle Numbers, Addresses, Currency, Dates & Graphics in Localizing Projects

This is part of our localization checklist. You can use it as a quick reference for the main aspects of a localization project (part 1 of 4).

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Part 4 – Language Nomenclature and Codification


a) Numbers

  • Check decimal separator
  • Check digit grouping

b) Measurement

  • Metric System
  • Imperial System
  • United States Customary Units

Check if we should use only main system or dual system. Some clients choose to present multiple systems to cover different markets with the same localized material (e.g.: US/Metric in a French document to be used in France and Canada as well)

c) Phone Numbers

  • Phone format: use official format


a) Official

  • Based on national postal service

b) SEO-driven

  • Google will have specific requirements for SEO and online map features to operate properly. Such requirements not always match the official standard from the target country. Check if they match. If they don’t, client should choose which one should be used


a) Currencies

  • Single or multiple currencies in the target country
  • If multiple, check which one(s) should be used.

b) Symbol and Usage

  • Define proper currency symbol and usage
  • Choice for ISO or country-preferred codes


a) Dates

  • Define proper format for dates

b) Time

  • Define proper format for time
  • Time zone may be UTC (international) or location-based (e.g.: name of the city). Location-based time zones should be used unless specified otherwise by the client

c) Calendar

  • Check if there is more than one calendar in use (e.g.: for Israel)
  • The Gregorian calendar should be used unless specified otherwise by the client

Download a PDF version of our Localization Checklist

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