Professional Italian Translation

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The Translation Company Group LLC is a professional organization with a reputation for providing quality and timely Italian translation for over a decade. Not only can we deliver Italian translation in Standard Italian, but also in other Italian dialects that include but are not limited to: Corsican, Dolomitic, Ladino, Friulian, Eastern Lombard, Western Lombard, Milanese, Venetian, Ligurian, Tuscan and Sardinian.

We can provide accurate and excellent quality Italian translations in all Italian dialects due to our extensive network of native Italian translators. The Translation Company Group is able to deliver Italian translations in combination with hundreds of languages spoken around the world.

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The Translation Company Group can deliver quality Italian translation to clients from any part of the world within strict deadlines committed to the clients.

Native Italian Translators

At The Translation Company Group only native Italian translators execute our translation projects. This ensures that the Italian translations provided are of optimum accuracy. Secondly, we have native Italian translators who are from various regions of Italy. Therefore, we have native Italian translators corresponding to each of the Italian dialects from the Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western dialect groups. So one can get Italian translation in any of the Italian dialects with total accuracy as our native Italian translators have knowledge about the minutest variations related to these dialects.

We have certified Italian translators who have requisite valid court certifications. They can provide certified Italian translation that is acceptable in all courts in the United States of America and several other countries in our world. We also have Trados certified translators who are well versed with handling the computer aided translation tools that make us capable of delivering Italian translations faster without compromising on the quality. The other members of our multilevel team include the skilled editors, seasoned proofreaders, quality assurance managers and project managers who work together toward the goal of serving quality assured Italian translation within the time frame expected by our clients.

Along with quality, one of the aspects that we consider to be of the utmost importance is maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s information during the execution of Italian translation assignments. We have been delivering Italian translation continuously over years and this experience has in return made our system leak proof, enabling us to safeguard secrecy of our client’s information.

Our project managers keep a close watch on the execution of projects and make sure that the client’s information remains secured with in the organization. We do not just speak about the security of our client’s information but are always ready to shoulder the responsibility in writing. We offer non disclosure agreements if requested by our clients without charging any extra cost to our clients.

Specialized Italian translation

The Translation Company Group LLC has specialized Italian translators who deliver Italian translation in diverse business fields from English to Italian and Italian to English. These specialized Italian translators are dedicated to only one field, and deliver Italian translation restricted to the single field in which they have educational qualification along with working experience of over five years. This ascertains that the Italian translation rendered by them have highest level of accuracy. One can get idea from our client list about the type of specialties we can deliver Italian translation in with maximum proficiency and to the complete satisfaction of our client.

These different business fields in which we can deliver quality Italian translation include but are not limited to:

• Automobile • Chemical • Finance
• Agriculture • Electronics • Information Technology
• Advertising • Food Processing • Logistics
• Banking • Fashion apparels • Textile

English to Italian Translation

We have provided English to Italian translation for clients from diverse business segments with complete satisfaction for over a decade. We have native Italian translators who belong to different regions of Italy and also other foreign countries that have individual Italian dialects. Standard Italian is comparatively in use by a lesser fraction of the population in Italy, while the regional dialects are more widely used in communication. Also, the Italian spoken in other countries that have concentrated Italian speaking populations have their own dialects, which are different than the Standard dialect.

Knowing this fact about the various dialects, we have corresponding native Italian translators who are dedicated to each of these dialects. Our native Italian translators do understand the minutest difference between each of the Italian dialects and have complete knowledge of some regional Italian dialects that are unintelligible with each other. With such skilled and dedicated native Italian translators the English to Italian translation that we provide is of optimum quality.

We deliver English to Italian translation in dialects that include but are not limited to: Abruzzese, Central Marchigiano, Corsican, Dolomitic, Eastern Lombard, Ladino, Friulian, Western Lombard, Milanese, Molisano, Pugliese, Venetian, Ligurian, Laziale, Tuscan, Umbrian and Sardinian.

Italian to English Translations

TTC has a team of linguist experts who work together to deliver quality and timely Italian to English translation services. The base of our Italian to English Translation team is a group of skilled native English translators coming from the United States and the United Kingdom. These native English translators can provide Italian to English translation in either of the two main English dialects, namely, American English or the British dialect. These translators are well acquainted with the Italian language and can interpret information in Italian accurately, which in return helps them to deliver good quality Italian to English translations.


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