Cantonese Translation

a.k.a. Traditional Chinese

Cantonese is the dialect spoken in Mainland China and apart from that it is official language of Hong Kong and Macao. There are roughly nearby 100 million Cantonese speakers around the World. Most of these Cantonese speakers are in China and Hong Kong. Hence more of the need of Cantonese translation services is in these Asian countries but not limited to them, as there are few million Chinese immigrants in western countries as well.

Scholars emphasize though with few disagreements that Cantonese dialect unlike Mandarin dialect has also got a written form. This thus enlarges the role of the provider of Cantonese translation services as the translator has to perform translation of dialect as well as written form of source language to Cantonese or other way round.

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English to Cantonese and Cantonese to English Translations

To start with the provider of Cantonese translation services needs to play a very important role in the advertising industry. The work involves a huge responsibility of promotion of brand names in right spirit. Any mistakes can ruin the image of the brand and result in big loss of business and reputation, whether it is an English to Cantonese or a Cantonese to English project.

The Cantonese translation of advertisements of multinational brands that are mostly in English or other source language needs to be done with articulate intelligence. The promotional material that requires translation includes but not limited to billboards, tabloids, television ads and newspaper ads. Some ads also require voice-overs in Cantonese language.

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The entertainment industry has tremendous opportunities for Cantonese translation services. The international movies that are to be broadcasted for Cantonese speaking population require dubbing of movies to Cantonese language and/or displaying subtitles with every frame. This it self is a multi million dollar business for providers of Cantonese translation services and expected to grow exponentially with time.

The providers of Cantonese translation services have been know to work on legal assignments from good old days. But in the modern times with globalization of businesses Cantonese legal translators have been in great demand in several Courts outside Asia. The Cantonese translator needs to be a certified translator for providing legal translation in the Court of Law.

The Cantonese translator has to interpret in the Court the proceedings that are carried out in the Court of Law. Thus the provider of Cantonese translation services in legal field needs to have knowledge about Law and the regulations of specific court to guide his/her clients efficiently.


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