Portuguese Expressions

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Many Portuguese expressions are essential. These expressions are important for both citizens and travelers. For people visiting Portugal or Brazil, these expressions can help with directions, meeting new people, and exploring the country. Some of these expressions are more informal and better for friendly conversation; other expressions work in all situations throughout Portugal and Brazil. In every situation, these expressions will allow people to do something more than say hello or goodbye. By doing so, travelers have a better chance of winning the support of Portuguese speakers. These expressions also prove that someone cares about knowing the basics of the language. These expressions are good preparation for people with an upcoming trip to Portugal or Brazil.

Tudo bem?

The literal meaning of this expression is: “Everything good?” In everyday speech, this expression means: “How’s it going?” This expression is a good way to break the ice and get people talking. Even if someone does not speak a lot of Portuguese, this expression will still get a response from people.

Como? No falo português europeu

This expression is very valuable. It means: “Come again? I don’t speak European Portuguese.” Knowing this expression is important for anyone who does speak or write Portuguese. Even people who speak European Portuguese should use this expression in Brazil. For example, the two languages have different dialects, and many people do not understand or speak these things. It is helpful for people to another person’s ability to handle this material.

O Brasil é lindo e maravilhoso!

This expression is perfect for Brazilian Portuguese. It means Brazil is beautiful and magnificent! This expression will produce a lot of goodwill and support. For travelers, this expression also lets people know you think highly of Brazil and its citizens.


This expression or term is an informal part of Portuguese. The expression means: “Cool.” Most people consider this term to be a form of slang.  Many Portuguese speakers use this expression to describe things such as clothes, places, and music.

É um prazer conhecê-lo

This expression means: “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” This expression is another way to thank people and create a positive environment. Portuguese speakers will enjoy hearing this expression since it is a form of appreciation.

All of these expressions are an easy way to understand the foundation of the Portuguese language. Learning these expressions is a good step toward enjoying the scenery and people of Portugal and Brazil.

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