PRONOUCIATION GUIDEVowel SoundsIn Portuguese we have 7 oral vowels (air comes out freely by mouth cavity)

Sounds Like¦ Example
a “Ah” Vaca
é Element Pé
e Eureka/Elephant Gelo
i See Ir
o A short oh’
Oito / Outro
ó Always Ótimo
u You Uva

* The examples are not the translation of the words in English.

And 5 nasal vowels (air comes out partly by mouth and partly by nose)

Sounds Like¦ Example
A? Long the MaA§A?
~e Pente
~i Cinco
~u Nunca

In Portuguese the acute (open) stress is given by the accent (?), the circumflex (closed) stress is given by the accent (^), and the nasal sounds by the accent (~).



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