Judicial system in Denmark

The Danish constitution is set up in such a way that the judicial system can function independent of the national government and parliament. Administrative powers have been conferred to the so-called “Danish Court Administration “committee. Other bodies in the Danish judicial system include: the Appeals Permission Board and the Judicial Appointments Council.

The judicial system of Denmark includes the following types of courts:

1) The Supreme Court,
2) The High Courts,
3) The County Courts,
4) The Court of Impeachment of the Realm,
5) The Special Court of Indictment and Revision.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Copenhagen is at the head of the courts in Denmark’s judicial system.

The Supreme Court hands down judgment on both civil and criminal cases. It is an appellate court for hearing civil or criminal matters from the High Court. Cases from the County Courts can only be appealed to the Supreme Court by permission from the Board of Appeals. The Supreme Court consists of two chambers. The Supreme Court has a President and a 15 Judge council. Judgments given by the Supreme Court cannot be appealed and are final.

The High Courts

There are two High Courts in Denmark:

a) The High Court of Eastern Denmark at Copenhagen and
b) The High Court of Western Denmark at Viborg.

The High Court of Eastern Denmark has one President and 63 judges and it has courts in other major cities for trying criminal cases. Its jurisdiction covers those courts in counties outside of Jutland, county courts in the Faeroe Island, and the Greenland High Court.

The High Court of Western Denmark has one President and 38 judges and its chambers are for criminal cases are located in other major cities besides Viborg. Its jurisdiction covers the courts in the Jutlandic counties.

The County Courts

The County Courts decide on civil and criminal cases. Moreover, County Court judges act as public notaries and all property registrations are done at the County Courts.

The County Courts are located in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Odense and Roskilde. Each County Court has a President. There are 15 judges in the Aarhus County Court, 10 in the Aalborg County Court, 49 in the Copenhagen County Court, 10 in the Odense County Court and 7 in the Roskilde County Court.

All car titles in Denmark can only be registered at the Aarhus County Court.
The Court of Impeachment of the Realm decides over legal matters involving ministers and ex-ministers of Denmark while the Special Court of Indictment and Revision decides over issues related to matters against judges.

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