1.1 The Beginning of a Translation Career

Translation Career Start

Different Origins

The one thing people in the translation industry really share is their passion for languages. Everything else may be different. Translators come from developing and developed countries. They may like working alone or in teams.

It doesn’t matter where you come from and what is your background. There is a place for you in the translation industry.

Different Paths

Some translators will follow a very technical path from the get go. These translators will study in a formal translation school and will evolve in their profession over time.

Others may start in the translation industry by chance and never leave. Many sought-after interpreters, for instance, learn the trade on the fly.

Different Personalities

Many translators like to work alone, particularly freelance translators. Others will crave an opportunity to be working among their peers. There is room for all types of personalities in the translation industry.

Fighting Doubt

Doubt will always be there. As everything else in life, it is very difficult to be certain that you made the right decision. When developing a career as a freelance translator, you will go over extremes of cheer and concerns. Cheer will come when you hit a nice string of well paid jobs, for instance. Concerns will come when you hear complains from a dissatisfied client or when it looks like no more assignments are coming your way.

Same trace of entrepreneurship will help

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to become a freelance translator. Freelance translators don’t need to setup shop, make large investments or assume commitments that can get them bankrupt.

Still, some trace of entrepreneurship certainly helps those choosing such career. Here is how entrepreneurship connects with freelance translation:

  • You don’t need to setup an expensive shop like a conventional entrepreneur would, but you will be the one paying for all the expenses generated by your work
  • Clients not always come automatically, so a bit of marketing and sales skills may be handy

Instructions to Follow

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