German Language Becoming More Popular in Italy

Though the German language was once scorned in Italy, the language is now becoming wildly popular because of the Euro crisis. Job opportunities are much better in Germany, but Italians need to be able to speak German in order to get a job there. German translation and German language classes are quickly becoming more popular in Italy as more people are considering German job opportunities.

German Language Classes Available for Students and Adults

Language classes aren’t just being offered to students in middle school and high school. Adults can also take classes either at colleges or in community centers. More than 400,000 middle and high school students are currently enrolled in a German language program at their schools, and adults are taking classes such as “German for doctors” and “German for lawyers” all over the country in an attempt to learn the tricky language. For many Italians, the road to becoming a professional translator for both German and Italian is a long one. The German language is difficult to pronounce and the grammar is confusing.

Along with doctors and lawyers, teachers and engineers are struggling to learn the new guttural and consonant-heavy language. If they manage to learn the language well enough though, they will find better salaries and more jobs in Germany than they can in Italy. Business and legal translation opportunities are widely available and ready for anyone who has mastered the German language, and Italians are hoping to snatch up the best openings if they can only manage to learn German well enough.

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