Election Shows Major Wins for the Chinese-American Community

The Chinese translation from the Chinese Language World Journal expresses congratulations to the victors in Tuesday’s elections. Three Chinese-Americans were voted into the U.S. congress and the victory is a major milestone for the Chinese community in the United States.

Congress Welcomes Chinese-American Representatives

Grace Meng is New York’s first Asian-American representative for congress. She ran against City Councilman Daniel Halloran for the city’s 6th congressional district and won by claiming 67% of the vote compared to Halloran’s 31%. The victory doesn’t stop at Meng however; two other states also gained Asian-American representatives after the November 6th elections. After Tuesday’s elections, Illinois might not have their first Asian-American representative, but they do have a double amputee war veteran.

War Veterans


Tammy Duckworth, a Chinese-American who was born in Bangkok to Chinese parents, is also a veteran of the Iraq war. She lost both of her legs in combat and since her recovery, she has turned to politics. Standing on two prosthetic legs, the mother of two needs no translation services to speak her pride and exhilaration at becoming Illinois’ 8th congressional district representative.

In California, incumbent representative Judy Chu has been reelected for her third term. In the San Gabriel Valley where she serves as Representative, Chu says that her main goals will be focused on the economy, which is starting to show signs of recovery.

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