Launch of Orbitz Spanish Website

As if booking travel wasn’t difficult enough in your native language, imagine trying to book a trip if you spoke a different language than the website was in. Finding prices for hotels, flights and even determining which airport is which would be extremely difficult. For that reason, is launching the first ever Spanish language travel site to reach out to the Spanish-speaking population in the United States interested in travel.

The Orbitz Spanish website will make booking trips much easier for this population who previously needed to run every part of the process through a Spanish translator before finalizing plans.

Site’s Launch Celebrated with a Sale

In celebration of the Orbitz Spanish website launch, the travel company will be offering discounts to Hispanic United States citizens for certain trips. Specifically, the sale will feature 40% off on hotels in popular travel destinations such as New York, Miami, the Dominican Republic, and Cancun.

Travelers who often book these travel itineraries will likely be relieved at the fact that they no longer need to use a Spanish translation service, and the site will become the go-to travel booking destination for Hispanics in the U.S. Previously, Spanish-speaking customers could call the Orbitz hotline to book their travel with a telesales department, but now booking will be easier than ever online with the Orbitz Spanish website.

Spanish Site has Many Features

By using the new Orbitz Spanish website, Spanish-speaking individuals will have access to a wide variety of features. First, they’ll be able to access all of the same travel deal and sales that English-speaking customers have access to. Additionally, they’ll be able to use a Spanish-language mobile site so that they can access travel deals on the go.

Orbitz price assurance and other customer protection features will also be available to these customers. Years ago, Spanish-speaking people would need to visit a travel agency in addition to hiring a professional English to Spanish translator to assist them. Now, travel starting in the United States is a few clicks away.

As the Spanish-speaking population grows in the United States, many major companies such as Orbitz are making sure they offer them the same benefits as the English-speaking population. If this Orbitz Spanish website wasn’t made available, another online travel booking company would, and Orbitz would lose out on those sales.

Instead of seeking out a translation to Spanish on their own, U.S. Hispanics will soon have everything in their native language at their fingertips.

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