Growing Latino Population in the U.S.

Because of the recent election, more people have noticed that the Latino population in the United States is growing and becoming more and more influential. Of course, the influence from the Latino community was very much present before the election, but since the majority of the community voted democratic and swung the vote for some solidly republican states – like Florida – the topic of the rapidly growing population of Hispanics in America is now being scrutinized closely by the rest of the country.

It’s obvious from the Spanish translation ads that were present during the election that politicians, among other people, have noticed that the Latino community has become a powerful force in the United States, and is growing with every passing year.

Latino Population is the Fastest Growing Minority

Every month for the next ten years, 50,000 Hispanics will turn 18 years old. Also, out of the over ten million registered Hispanic voters, 51% are democrats. The study was conducted to determine the percentage of voting-age Hispanics and was done by a conservative nonprofit group called Resurgent Republic.

Besides the statistics, the idea behind the study was to find out more about Hispanic cultural attitudes and social changes so that Republicans would be able to “woo” Latino voters. However, the somewhat anti-immigration platform of the Republican Party is an obstacle that will need to be heartily addressed to win over Latino voters in the future.

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