Russian T.V. Star to Host U.S. Radio Show

Oleg Frish has long been popular in Russia and the United States as a talented T.V. personality, radio show host, and singer. On January 12th, he will also be the new host of his very own radio show out of New York, and he could be the first foreigner to promote jazz, cabaret, and rock-n-roll on American airwaves.

Frish has also released several albums of his own and can sing in multiple languages. He has hosted T.V. shows on Russian-American stations, and he can provide professional translation for both languages.

History of Working on T.V. and the Airwaves

Frish has a long history of working on the radio and on television in America and Russia. He was born in the USSR to a musically talented family and has known what he wanted to do since early childhood. He graduated from the Kalinin State University and majored in preforming arts.

Oddly enough, Frish started out his career doing a musical magic show where he would guess what members of the audience were thinking and then sing them a song about it.

Later, Frish started to travel more and eventually relocated to New York as a T.V. and show business history professional. He provided Russian translation for the multimedia center in New York, where there was large Russian-American community.

Russian Language Radio Shows

When a Russian language station was ready to air for the first time in the United States, Frish was the host of a popular entertainment magazine show called “Time Out.” In Moscow, he had been the editor for a prominent performing arts magazine, so he fit very well into the television show.

Also, since his translation services were so well developed in addition to his experience with music, radio, and television, he was doubly suitable for hosting Russian-American shows. Now, Frish plans to take his career to the next level by hosting his own radio show.

Music Career

In addition to being an editor, writer, and T.V./radio host, Frish has also had a successful music career. His first album was recently issued and was received with enthusiasm in United States jazz circles. It also paved the way for his position as host of the New York radio show.

His next album is set to be released in 2013, but this isn’t the start of Frish’s music career. He began everything with his musical magic show and took singing gigs every once in a while. His voice has been described as appealing and charming by Scott Yanow of the L.A. Jazz Scene.

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