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When The Translation Company discovered that the unmistakable Coca Cola contour bottle was celebrating its 100th birthday, we suddenly couldn’t help noticing all the other iconic bottlesand jars that have embedded themselves in our everyday life. From our breakfast table to our nightstand, the world’s most recognisable bottles are often sitting right under our noses – and now they’re also on our very own infographic.

These bottles and jars have been so instrumental in defining the quality of a brand that companies have often been quick to patent their valuable designs. For multinational companies this means lawyers and translators getting to work ensuring these bottles are properly protected in countries all over the world, the designers at least can sit back and relax – the bottles speak a universal language.

Of course if you dig a little deeper you’ll see that there’s much more to these bottles and jars than meets the eye. Did you know for example that the designer of the humble Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser, the late Kenji Ekuan, went on to design a Yamaha motorcycle and the Tokyo bullet train? Or that the Absolute bottle was the inspiration for over 1,500 advertisements ran from 1981-2007? Or that Heinz tomato ketchup that leaves its bottle at more than 0.028 miles per hour is rejected from sale?

If you have any favorites or can think of a bottle that we should’ve included why not let us know in the comments below.

Iconic Bottles and Jars

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