Our Quality Assurance Team

Ensuring that you get the best and most accurate translation is the goal of The Translation Company’s Quality Assurance Team. We use a 3-tier editing process designed to give you pinpoint accuracy on all of our quality translations. The basics of quality translation are:

  • Using experienced, human translators.
  • Having a strong revision process and
  • Delivering accurate results

The Translation Company’s Quality Translation Process

The first step in assuring quality translation is using experienced and human translators. The Translation Company only employs professional translators who have real-world skills and who follow industry standards. Our expert translators are also native speakers of the target language, which allows for precise document translation.

However, even the best translator can make mistakes. To ensure that all documents meet our quality translation specifications,  Team #1 sends the document over to Team #2 – our senior team of translators and proofreaders for editing. This allows blemishes to be touched up. Once the editing team is finished with the document, it is then sent to Team #3 – another set of expert translators for polishing. This team ensures The Translation Company's quality translation ensures that the document’s tone matches the original. Before the document is sent to a client, it is reviewed one more time by the quality control manager.

  • Our intensive process provides translations with pinpoint accurate results.

Our Quality Translation & Free, Unlimited Revisions

At The Translation Company, we recognize the importance of your document translation. Each translation commitment has incredible value to our clients. Mistakes in translation can cost considerable amounts of money, depending on the circumstances.

  • We invented our extensive quality assurance program to ensure that your company will never have a problem with our document translation services.
  • When you work with us, you receive top-notch quality, free and unlimited revisions, and a satisfaction guarantee that your translation is exactly what you are looking for.

Providing Consistent Quality Translation 

One of the first things that The Translation Company team will do, time permitting, is to create a comprehensive glossary of terms. This allows our translation team to ensure the consistency of the original document and any future-related documents. It also allows them to cross-check terminology easily and quickly. The glossary of terms is inputted into content management software that allows all our translators access during the translation and quality assurance process. This means that an update to a single term is applied across the entire document.


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