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Supported File Formats

Wordfast is compatible with nearly all existing translation environments (Trados, IBM Translation Manager, SDLX, DéjàVu, Transit, either through the TMX format, or directly, at native format level). Its files are prepared (tagged) for translation with standard tools, like the Trados (Stagger) or RWS (Rainbow) set of filters and, at translated (segmented, bilingual) document level with Trados: a Wordfast-translated file can be cleaned-up with Trados, and vice-versa.

It can translate the following formats: any format that Microsoft Word can read, including plain text files, Word documents (DOC), Rich Text Format (RTF),tagged RTF, HTML, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint files.

Operational System

Windows, MAC and Linux


3-year license for Classic and/or Professional versions: 300.00 Euros for license at regular price and 150.00 Euros for individuals of some countries.



Contact Information

Wordfast LLC

Wordfast LLC, developer of the Wordfast technology, is a Limited Liability Company with headquarters at 2711 Centerville Rd, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808, USA.

Contact form: http://www.wordfast.net/index.php?whichpage=feedback

Editor Notes

Transitis a quite powerful tool. It has a very good dictionary feature; itallows the use of multiple translation memories at the same time and alot more. However, as all CAT-Tools it has somemalfunctions, especially while importing and exporting files, andit is also very hard to learn to use, and rather complicated evenafter several months of using it.

Help & Support

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