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Plunet BusinessManager offers a variety of functions, and adapts to individual translation management workflows, supportingĀ optimized translation process automation and flexibility for professional users.

Main modules are:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Request
  3. Quote Management
  4. Order Management
  5. Invoice
  6. Queries & Reporting

Optional modules include Quality Management and ISO compliance.

Editor Notes

Plunet is probably the leading Translation Management System in the industry. Not exactly the most friendly user interface out there, but it certainly gets the job done. German software developers have been top competitors in ERPs (Enterprise Resources Planning). Today’s TMS (Translation Management Systems) may be seen as a type of ERP for the translation industry.

Great technology and great support. Interacting with sales personnel can be frustrating though. Be ready to be charged a fat annual fee for updates and support.

How To Buy

You can call for a quote:
Americas (toll free): 1-888-758-6381
International: +49 (0)30 322971340

Or send an email to:

Help & Support

+49 (0)30 322971340

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