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About the Program

Program Description

These are the translation undergraduate certificates currently offered by Wake Forest University:

Certificate in Spanish Interpreting (SI)

Teaches strategies for different types of Spanish/English interpreting. 

  • Spanish Interpreting 
  • Spanish for Medical Professions or Spanish Translation or Intro to Spanish for Business or Contrastive Grammar and Stylistics or Spanish Pronunciation andDialect Variation or Language Engineering
  • any literature course above
  • Internship

Certificate in Spanish Translation/Localization (STL)

Teaches strategies of Spanish into English translation and introduces students to various software/website

translation applications.

  • Contrastive Grammar and Stylistics
  • Spanish Translation
  • Language Engineering: Localization and Terminology
  • Spanish Interpreting or Intro to Spanish for Business
  • Internship 


Check with the university. 

Editor notes

Translation strategies are taught through practice  at Wake Forest University, with emphasis on Spanish to English. Focus is on translating in domains suchas social science, computing, economics, the entertainment industry, banking, and journalism. Similarly in the interpreting course you will be developing basic strategies useful in community, conference, court and other types of interpreting.



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