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About the Program

Program Description

Professional Interpretation and Translation — Spanish/English Certificate

To earn this certificate, all five required courses must be completed with a grade of B- or better and in the sequence indicated for a total of 17 units. Students receiving a grade lower than a B- will be given the opportunity to retake the course as soon as it is rescheduled. If a student continues to receive a grade below a B-, they will be asked to wait until the following year to continue with the program. Generally, certificate candidates may complete the program in nine months.

Required Courses

The U.S. Court System: An Overview for Legal Interpreters

Sight Translation: English to Spanish

Consecutive Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Professional Interpreting: Protocol and Ethics

Alsoof Interest

A Practical Approach to Spanish Grammar for Interpreters and Translators

Intermediate Spanish Grammar for Interpreters and Translators

Medical Terminology and Conversation – Spanish

Standard English Usage

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Vocations

California Certified Court Interpreter Written ExamPreparation

Health Care Interpretation I

Spanish Reading and Writing Skills for Bilingual Interpreters

Pronunciation Improvement

Medical Terminology and Conversation – Spanish


Check with the university.

Editor notes

With focus on acquisition of specialized terminology and vocabulary, as well as development of translation skills for criminal and civil court, the course also includesall modes of interpretation and interpreting strategies, such as listening and memory skills, note-taking techniques, etc. 


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