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University of California, Los Angeles –  Certificate Program in Interpretation and Translation
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About the Program

Program Description

Certificate Program in Interpretation and Translation; Spanish/English

This one-year program (beginning Fall Quarter only) combines the knowledge acquisition and skill building necessary to become a professional interpreter. Although it concentrates on legal applications used in county, state, and federal court systems and emphasizes skills necessary to pass court certification examinations, the skills gained are appropriate for business and government as well.

Required courses:


Estimated Cost

Application Fee: $75.00

Candidacy Fee: $50.00

Estimated Program Tuition: $4,500.00

Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $0.00

Estimated Total Cost: $4,650.00

Editor notes

The one-year interpretation and translation certificate at UCLA provides the necessary knowledge to become a professional interpreter and also specialization in legal translations. The course is designed to help students to pass court certification examinations, but any translator would benefit from it.


Contact Information

UCLA Extension

10995 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles CA90024

Jennifer Poluta

Phone: (310) 825-1898


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