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About the Program

Program Description

Translation Introductory Studies (Estudios Preparatorios para Traduccíon)


This course is designed to be an introduction to English-Spanish-English translation. The student can continue his studies in this field after completionof the course, which will enable him to:

– Understand the translation profession, the basic translation tools and all relevant information to work in this field.

– Be acquainted with fundamental translation terminology;

– Know Spanish and English grammar;

– Be familiarized with many translation tools

– Integrate his knowledge of arts, music, theater, dance, philosophy and history to his way of thinking;

– Have knowledge on a variety of cultural subjects around the globe;

– Be able to explain what is an interdisciplinary education and what is its importance in his field of work;

– Produce quality written works


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Editor notes

Although the Translation Introductory Studies of the Universidad de Puerto Rico are presented only as a familiarization of the student with the translation profession, it also enables him to master written and spoken word in Spanish and English, and it is actually more than just an introduction. The student that completes this course and that is capable of learning some possibly needed aspects of the profession by himself will be prepared enough to work as a translator. 


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