The University of Texas at El Paso – Bilingual Program in Creative Writing

The University of Texas at El Paso – Bilingual Program in Creative Writing
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About the Program

Program Description

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

The following is the detailed undergraduate program for a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing.

Required Creative Writing Courses:

ENGL 2300 or  3341  History of Form I  (prerequisite for CRW 3362)

ENGL 2301 or  3342  History of Form II

Creative Writing Gateway Course

2. Creative Writing Junior-Senior Block

Reading and Writing Fiction

Reading and Writing Poetry

Writing and Society

Narrative Technique





Literary Translation

MFA in Creative Writing

The Bilingual MFA in Creative Writing is designed to provide the highest professional preparation and training to individuals who wish to pursue careersin writing or the teaching of writing.  The MFA curriculum culminates in the writing of a book length manuscript of original creative work (thesis).

Required Form and Theory Courses

Narrative Theory and Poetics

Forms and Techniques of Fiction

Forms and Techniques of Poetry

Workshop and/or Variable Topics courses CRW 5366   Advanced Fiction Writing

Advanced Poetry Writing

Advanced Playwriting

Advanced Screenwriting

Advanced Creative Non-fiction

Variable Topics, e.g., Prose Poem, Novella, Literary Magazine Production

Studies in Form

The Literary Marketplace

The final thesis will consist of a book-length manuscript of original fiction, poetry, play, group of essays, or screenplay, accompanied by a preface. Each candidate is required during the first semester of thesis hours to submit a thesis proposal and asample of the thesis-in-progress to the thesis committee.  The thesis will be prepared under the direction of a three-member supervising committee and will be defended orally.

Both programs offer the following course:

Literary Translation (3-0)

Theoretical consideration, reading and practice in various forms and approaches to literary translation, including individual projects.


Check with the institution.

Editor notes

The purpose of the Bilingual Program in Creative Writing in English andSpanish offered by the University of Texas is to develop writing skills in both languages, which is a very important skill for a translator willing to work with literature or other themes related to creative writing, such as video games, marketing, etc.


Contact Information

Department of Creative Writing

University of Texas at El Paso

Liberal Arts 415

500 West University Ave.

El Paso, TX  79968

Office Administrative Assistant

Lori De Los Santos

Phone: (915) 747-5713


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