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About the Program

Program Description

The mission of the Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program (T & I) is to prepare and train bilingual students to a high level of professional competence in the arts of translation and interpretation.

The certificate program is a set of specific academic courses that is narrower in scope and objectives than a degree or major, and which is designed to be finished within one year. A certificate will be issued after the completion of 21 units of coursework.

The vision of the T & I program is to provide the education and necessary tools to students so they can succeed as a translator and interpreter in a highly competitive world.

·              To prepare interpreters and translators in the Spanish-English combination

·              To offer students the opportunity to apply units earned in T&I courses towards the pursue of other degree programs at NHU

Graduates from the program will learn:

·              Specialized vocabulary

·              Techniques for simultaneous and sequential interpretation, and sight and text translation

Intra-language interpretation and reading comprehension techniques for education and learning in any discipline


Student must select 21 units from this listing including the three required courses.

Syntax and Discourse Analysis I

Translation Theory and Technique I

Interpretation Theory and Technique I

FourElective Courses from the Following:

Banking, Commerce and Finance

Political, Government & International Relations

Medical Terminology: Anatomy and Physiology

Medical Terminology: Diseases and Treatment

Computers and Technology in Translation

Legal Translation

Legal Interpretation


Check with the institution.

Editor notes

The purpose of the Translation and Interpretation Program of the National Hispanic University is to provide students with the education and the necessary tools for a translator, combining theoretical and applied course work in the fields of business, technology, medical and legal translation.


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Translation and Interpretation Program


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