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About the Program

Program Description

MLL offers undergraduate translation-related majors in French, German, Japanese and Spanish language and literature and minors in the same languages plus Chinese and Japanese.

The major programs, with focus on language and literature, offer the following translation courses:

Translation: Spanish/German/French into English

Introduction to translation utilizing a variety of materials (commercial, technical and literary).

Translation: English into Spanish/German/French

Further development of translation skills utilizing a variety of materials (commercial, technical and literary).

Independent Translation Project

Directed annotated translation from Spanish/German/French into English of a major work or works in the student’s field.

The minor programs have the following translation courses:


Grammar Review Through Translation

Review Chinese grammar through translation of a variety of materials from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

Translation: Chinese

Translation from Chinese to English of a range of materials from commercial and technical to literary.


Translation: Japanese

Translation from Japanese to English of a range of materials from commercial and technical to literary,  with emphasis on idiomatic English.


Check with the institution.

Editor notes

With an excellent coverage of literature, culture and linguistics, the courses offered by the Oakland University have also translation courses on different subjects suchas commercial, technical and literary texts, conveying invaluable knowledge for the student willing to work as a translator.



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