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About the Program

Program Description

The Spanish undergraduate course of the New Mexico State University comprises Spanish linguistics, culture, literature and translation. The following are the translation courses of the course. 

Introduction to Technical Translation for Native Spanish Speakers

Introduction to translation and interpretation theory and skills, English to Spanish and Spanish to English. For students who have been exposed to Spanish at home or in the community. Translations include business letters, technical handouts, health service, and legal documents. Fulfills the Arts and Sciences second language requirements.  

Introduction to Translation 3 cr.

General aspects of translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

Literary Translation 3 cr.

Translation of literary texts from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.  


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Editor notes

The Spanish undergraduate degree is a complete course, covering languages, cultural, literary and translation studies, with everything a translator needs to learn, except from translation tools and areas of specialization. 


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