Georgia State University – Translation and Interpretation Program

Georgia State University – Translation and Interpretation Program
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About the Program

Program Description

The translation program consists of five three-hour courses, described in detail below. Students must normally take these courses in sequence, and must receive at least a B in each course. Upon completion of the five course sequence students will take anexit examination.

Translation Courses

Comparative Stylistics and Advanced Translation 

Introduction to professional translation, based on comparative study of characteristic modes of expression; introduction to the theoretical aspects of translation. 

General Translation 

Introduction to translation of texts on a variety of cultural topics, documents, computer assisted translation, methods of research an documentation, and the continued study of comparative stylistics.

Specialized Translation I 

Methods of research and documentation; translation of texts, with emphasis on the areas of economics, business and banking.

Specialized Translation II 

Translation of texts of a specialized nature, with emphasis on the legal, medical, natural sciences, media and other. 

Workshop on the Translation of Special Topics 

Translation of texts of a technical nature, including the areas of computer, medicineand the natural sciences; compilation of selected bibliographies in the field of specialization and the completion of a major translation project. 

Interpretation Program

Introduction to Interpretation

Introduction to the field of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Protocol, note taking, practice with speeches from world organizations. 

Medical Interpretation

Protocol and procedures for the medical interpreter. Practice with medical texts and development of medical glossaries.

Federal Court Interpretation

Protocol and procedures followed in the federal court system. Specialized vocabulary presented. Practice with actual court documents and tapes to practice simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

State and Municipal Court Interpretation

Protocol and procedures followed in the state and municipal court system in Georgia. Specialized vocabulary presented. Work with actual court documents.


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Editor notes

The Georgia State University offers a complete course on Translation and Interpretation, including professional training in both medical and legal translation and interpretation, also including computer assisted translation training andcompilation of selected bibliographies and glossaries in the student’s chosen field ofspecialization.


Contact Information

Translation and Interpretation Program

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Georgia State University

P.O. Box 3970

Atlanta, GA 30302-3970

Dr. Annette G. Cash,Director

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