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About the Program

Program Description

Modern and Classical Languages, M.A.

The Master of Arts in Modern and Classical Languages is designed to meet the needs and interests of prospective and practicing teachers and other professionals and to prepare students for doctoral study in languages at other institutions. The program offers three concentrations: (1) concentration in one language–French, German, or Spanish; (2) concentration in two of those languages; and (3) concentration in Spanish/Bilingual-Multicultural Education.

Graduate Certificate in Translation

The certificate program in translation provides professional training for students who wish to acquire proficiency in a specific language combination, either English-French or English-Spanish. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of translation, the program combines theoretical and applied course work in thedepartments of Modern and Classical Languages, English, and Communication.

Students applying to the program must be admitted to a George Mason University degree program or already hold a bachelor’s degree and be admitted for graduate study in nondegree status. Acceptance into the program is based partly on a proficiency examination in English and one other language. The certificate may be pursued concurrently with any of several degree programs offered through the

Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Part of the work toward the certificate may be applicable toward degrees in other departments.

Students enrolled in degree programs outside the Department of Modern and Classical Languages who wish to work toward the certificate in translation must apply to the department for admission into the certificate program.

Certificate Requirements

Required core courses (12 credits):

ENGL 410 Technical and Report Writing (3)

COMM 505 Intercultural Communication (3) or ENGL 581Psycholinguistics (3)

LANG 525 Literary Translation (3)

LANG 565 Theory of Translation (3)

Language courses (9 credits):

FREN 357 Introduction to Translation (3)

FREN 576 Advanced Translation (3)

FREN 580 Contemporary French Society and Culture (3)


SPAN 359 Introduction to Translation (3)

SPAN 576 Advanced Translation (3)

SPAN 580 Contemporary Hispanic Institutions (3)


GERM 318 Translation of Texts (3)

GERM 576 Advanced Translation (3)

GERM 580 Contemporary Germany (3)

LANG 590 Internship and Seminar in Translation (3)

A translation project is required for completion of the program.


Contact University.

Editor notes

The George Mason University offers Graduate Certificates in Translation in three languages, Spanish, French and German. The program includes specific courses on translation as described above, and a plus is the Internship and Seminar in Translation, nonpaying, work-study positions that focus on the practice of translation. Qualified students are placed with area institutions, interest groups, agencies, or corporations where they can consolidate their language knowledge gain experience even before completing the university.


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