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Program Description

Areas of Specialization in FAU’s Spanish Studies ProgramTranslation Studies Translation Studies is a growing field of interest in  our department. Dr. Yolanda Gamboa is an active, literary translator, whose latest translation, El fin del mundo como obra de arte [The End of the World as a Work of Art] by Spanish philosopher and award winning novelist Rafael Argullol will be published in Fall, 2005. She offers courses on Spanish–English literary translation. Dr. Martha Mendoza’s “History of the Spanish Language” and “Spanish Phonology and Dialectology” are important classes for those interested in the nuances of thelanguage, so necessary in translation. Our senior French professor, Dr. Jan Hokenson, a pioneer in Comparative Literature, in addition to myriad articleson issues of cultural translation, recently published Japan, France, and East-WestAesthetics: French Literature, 1867-2000 and frequently leads seminars in theory of translation. She and our French medieval scholar, Dr. Marcella Munson, are co-writing a new history of self-translation in the Western literary tradition. Our  Italian scholar, Dr. Myriam Ruthenberg, offers courses reflecting her research and publication in the translation and re-writing of Medieval and Renaissance texts incontemporary Italian literature and the influence of the Hebrew Bible in literature with emphasis on novelist Erri De Luca. Our Spanish linguist, Dr. Martha Mendoza,regularly offers a course on the dynamics of bilingualism.Some of our recent courses include “Spanish LiteraryTranslation,” “Translation Theory,” “Bilingualism.”


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Editor notes

One of the fortes of the Florida Atlantic University is that it has professors that are active and renowned translators, with vast experience and with knowledge of comparative literature and theory of translation. Main emphasis of the course is obviously on literature.



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