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About the Program

Program Description

The department offers a major and a minor in French and Spanish, a minor in German,a minor in Humanities, and a minor in Classical Studies. We collaborate with theDepartment of Linguistics to offer the B.A. Option in Language Studies.

Below there is a description of the Spanish Language and Translation courses offered:

Practical Spanish for Professions

Preparation of professionals and paraprofessionals in California Spanish to work with the Spanish speaking in the following fields: health, education, social work, business, law, agriculture, and psychology.

Reader’s Theater in Spanish

Recommended: Dramatic readings of prose and poetry selections per formed by students in front of the class. Discussion focuses on a critical reading of the text and preparation of the performance. Public presentations and recordings optional.

Patterns of Spanish

Recommended: Recommended as the first upper-division course. Verb synonyms. Quantitative and qualitative usage of verbs. Acquisition of the following skills:narration, description, argumentation, and expression of feelings through syntacticalvariations and substitution of verbs. Attention is focused on the formation of a sentence, not on the composition of a paragraph.

Basic Principles of Translation

Recommended: Specific problems of Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation, with emphasis on idiomatic expressions. Some attention to specializedvocabulary. Use of bilingual dictionaries.

Advanced Conversation and Reading

Recommended: Reading and discussion of current periodicals, newspapers, and magazines that reflect  the cultural patterns of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Advanced Grammar

Recommended: Special emphasis on grammar review and development of writing skills. Analysis of grammatical constructions.


Recommended:  or successful performance on the entry level diagnostic tests. Refinement of writing skills through vocabulary development, spelling exercises,and composition. Special emphasis on problems created by differences between the spoken and written language.

Oral and Written Expression 

Recommended: Systematic analysis of students’ ability to express themselves, both orally and in writing. Development of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammatical structures. (Summer only)


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Editor notes

The University of California at Fresno offers a complete course of Spanish covering grammar, conversation and composition with a brief introduction to translation.


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