Arizona State University – Spanish Translation Certificate Program

Arizona State University – Spanish Translation Certificate Program
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About the Program

Program Description

Certificate Program in Translation

The Spanish Translation Certificate Program is not associated with a degree program and is offered at the undergraduate level to ASU students as well as to members of the community at large who are granted admission to ASU and meet the entrance requirements to the certificate program.

Required courses for the certificate:

Once admitted to the program, you will need to take SLC 401 Translation Theory* (offered every Spring) during the first year of the student?s certificate program. In addition, students should complete three ?Applied? translation courses, to be chosen among the following options*:

SLC 481* Technical and Scientific Translation

SLC 482* Business and Financial Translation

SLC 494 Medical Translation

SLC 494 Legal Translation

Finally, SLC 484* Internship (2 credits=30 hours) is required to complete the 14 credit hours necessary for the program

Editor notes

The Spanish Translation Certificate Program offered by Arizona State University is an excellent course for those willing to acquire a general specialization in many fields, covering technical, scientific, business, financial, medical and legal fields. The student probably won?t become an expert based only on those courses, but he will have a good basis, and it will be easier for him to look for further specialization courses, or to translate simple texts in those areas.


Contact Information

Mar?a Teresa Mart?nez

Spanish Translation Certificate Program

School of International Letters and Cultures

Arizona State University

PO Box 870202

Tempe, AZ 85287-0202

Phone: (602) 496-0611


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