VdÜ – Association of German-speaking Translators of Literary and Scientific Works


Without translation what we call "world literature"
would be an empty concept., We learn what other people
think and feel from their literatures thanks to the art
of translation.
Since the time of Goethe, Germany classic country for translations. Today, almost every other fiction book here is a translation.
Founded in 1954, it is the professional association of literary translators in Germany, representing their interests, before contractors and their associations. The number of our members is constantly increasing, in January 2003 we welcomed our
thousandth member.
The improvement of legal and economic conditions is one of our main objectives. We offer our members information, training, advice, and legal protection.
The website of Vd? is not offered in English.


- Vd? defines a standard translation contract, and it is strongly in favor of the adoption of such contract.
- Vd? conducts interviews and negotiate with publishers and corporations.
- Vd? conducts surveys about fees and it knows the fees of most publishers.
- Vd? provides its members with advice and support;
- Vd? provides its members with relevant information through regular newsletters, and through its magazine;
- Vd? has an annual meeting every year at Wolfenbuettel;
- Vd? is a founding member of the German Translators' Fund, which awards grants to translators.
- Vd? is open to new initiatives, and open to new members. Beginners can also become members of the association.


Annual Fees: ? 30
Subscription Fee: 1% of the average taxable income

Contact Information

Vd? - Association of German-speaking Translators of Literary and Scientific Works
Vd? im Verband deutscher Schriftsteller in ver.di
Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10
10179 Berlin
Heinrich Bleicher-Nagelsmann
Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 6956-2327
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 6956-3656
Email: vs@verdi.de

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