ATA-TCD - ATA Translation Company Division

ATA-TCD - ATA Translation Company Division


ATA-TCD members share a common interest in the management and operation of a translation company. ATA-TCD works as a translation company association. The purpose is to serve as a means of communication among our members; to provide information and service in specific fields of interest related to the business of translation and interpretation; to organize meetings that further cooperation and information exchange among members; and to promote the policies and objectives of the division and the ATA.


Members of ATA-TCD will be provided with information and services, while ATA-TCD improves the relationships between translation companies and freelance translators through activities that recognize that there is a real “association” with each other.


Any member of ATA can join the Translation Company Division. When you become a member or renew your membership in ATA, select the ATA-TCD division on the application. Or you can join the ATA-TCD anytime, by visiting the ATA website at and clicking on the Divisions tab.

Contact Information

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Tel: +1-703- 683-6100
Fax +1-703-683-6122

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