TAPIT – Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators


TAPIT is an organization consisting of professional interpreters and translators of written, spoken and signed languages. Among our members are experts in various specialties and professional fields such as court interpreting, medical interpreting, community interpreting and professionals involved in document translation.
Professional interpretation and translation bridges gaps, breaks down language barriers, and helps to ensure effective communication between people with and without English proficiency, in the public and private sectors.
The mission of TAPIT is to enhance the professional image of translators and interpreters by educating the public and users of language services, while it stresses the importance of language proficiency through certification in one or more languages. TAPIT strives to bring together court, medical, community, and sign language
interpreters and translators in the state of Tennessee and build upon their common interests and concerns in order to create a statewide presence which will:
1. Advocate on behalf of, and promote the interests of, the interpreting and translating professions in Tennessee.
2. Foster the highest level of ethical and professional standards of interpreting and translation in Tennessee.
3. Provide a forum for discussion of interpreting and translation issues among interpreters and translators, courts, legal services and health care providers, as
well as with the agencies and individuals who contract for interpreting and translation services.
4. Publish a quarterly newsletter.
5. Organize and conduct courses and workshops for interpreter and translator training and continuing education.
6. Serve in an advisory capacity to interpreters, translators, courts, court administrators, attorneys, law enforcement, health care providers, and businesses
regarding issues related to the professions of interpreting and translation.


– NETWORKING: With a membership of over two hundred interpreters and translators from all over Tennessee and many other States you have the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals to share your interests and experiences.
– WEBSITE: Information that you can use in your daily professional life and the ability to locate information about other members you may be interested in contacting by phone or e-mail.
– PERSONAL WEB PAGE: If you desire, you can have your own personal page on the website and you can put your photo on that page if you wish. You may also place your r?sum? on your webpage for interested parties to download. Through your webpage you will be able to advertise your languages, skills, contact information, and any other announcements you may have.
– NEWSLETTER: The TAPIT Times is published quarterly and distributed via e-mail to all members. The Fall issue is printed in full color and a free copy can be picked up at the Annual Conference in September. The newsletter is a group effort with many interesting articles and tidbits of information contributed by our members and experts in interpreting and translating.
– JOB OPPORTUNITIES: With your listing on the website, clients can easily find you and offer jobs and projects, all of which will enhance your profitability.
– LISTSERV: You will be able to communicate with other members and share information on terminology and other items of interest to the profession.
– WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: TAPIT conducts workshops and training seminars in Tennessee throughout the year at these locations: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville.
– ANNUAL CONFERENCE: The 3-day TAPIT Conference is held every September on the campus of Belmont University in Nashville. TAPIT brings prominent speakers and presenters from all over the country, who share their fascinating, useful, and interesting information with us.
– MEDICAL FRIDAY: The first day of the Conference is devoted entirely to health care interpreting and highlights many experts in the field.
– The remaining two days of the Conference consist of a wide range of subjects related to interpreting and translation. The Annual TAPIT Business Meeting and
election of officers take place on the last day of the Conference.
– SOCIAL EVENTS: At our various meetings and workshops we usually have social events afterwards where you will meet some wonderful people with whom you can network and talk shop.


One-Year Membership:
$25 Student
$50 Individual
$75 Company

Contact Information

Tennessee Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators
PO BOX 91116
Nashville, TN 37209, USA
Telephone: 615-824-7878
Contact Form: http://www.tapit.org

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