SINTRA – Sindicato Nacional dos Tradutores


SINTRA is an acronym for “National Union of Translators”, entity originated from a group of translators who were housed in Rio de Janeiro, since the early seventies, in SBAT – Brazilian Society of Authors of Drama. The first conquest of this previous association of translators was the recognition of the profession of translator, which occurred in 1988.
After the official recognition of the existence of the profession of translator, it was possible to constitute a trade union on November 30, 1988 in Rio de Janeiro.
SINTRA is, since its registration in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the body representing translators and interpreters throughout the country.
SINTRA is also member of FIT – International Federation of Translators, an organization that brings together the translators in the world, created in Paris in 1953. In 2005, the SINTRA extended its participation to the CRAL (Latin America Regional Center) of FIT, to make its operations more robust in terms of current living in the region.
The union participated in 2000 in the meetings in Sao Paulo, to describe the profession, which appear from then on in the General Catalog of Occupations of the Ministry of Labor.


There are many activities undertaken by the union, but SINTRA been dedicated to three main aspects in all these years:
– The search for condign remuneration.
– The protection of translators’ copyrights
– Support for translators in their issues with customers.
The SINTRA Search also in all forms, to support the category, not only in its defense, but also by providing useful information.


Admission fee: R$20
Annual dues: R$260

Contact Information

SINTRA – Sindicato Nacional dos Tradutores
Rua da Quitanda, 194 sala 708
20091-005 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Phone: (55-21) 2253-1616
Fax: (55-21) 2263-6089

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