SFÖ – Swedish Association of Professional Translators


The Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SF?) was formed in 1990 and today is the largest translators' organization in Sweden, with nearly 1,000 individual translators and more than 20 of the leading translation companies in Sweden among its membership.
SF? works to encourage good professional practice and increased exchange of experience and knowledge among professional translators. The Association looks after the common economic and legal interests of technical and specialized translators and provides information on and actively influences the development of the translation profession and the translation industry. The Association is an important hub for translators working into and from Swedish, for professional, business and, just as importantly, social contacts.
By acting as a forum for translators and their clients, SF? helps to raise the standing of translators and of translation as a profession and and commercial activity. SF? strengthens the dialogue between translation companies and individual translators and in so doing contributes to increased knowledge, mutual understanding and respect between the parties involved in the translation market. SF? emphasizes that translation plays an important part in the economy, makes the exchange of specialist information possible and is crucial to trade, collaboration and understanding across national borders. SF? today is a respected and acknowledged voice in public debate and is frequently
consulted by authorities on language issues.


- A well-attended annual three-day conference with a relevant theme, offering an opportunity for one-to-one discussions, new customer contacts and socialising.
- Sweden's largest and most detailed directory of translators, which is available to translation buyers in the form of a searchable database on the website. This
database is becoming established as the primary resource for finding translators for Swedish business
- www.sfoe.se - a website containing information about the Association, translation and useful advice for translation buyers. The website provides information on current events and news and has links to discussion groups and e-groups of interest to translators.
- The bulletin Fack?vers?ttaren, which is published six times a year.
- Seminars, training and continuing professional development in language, technology and business matters.
- Continuous work on quality to the benefit of members.
- An agreement with the law firm Eurolawyers for legal advice on special terms.
- A special insurance scheme on favorably negotiated terms for translators who run a business, in cooperation with the insurance broker Allians.


Membership information at http://www.sfoe.se/blimedlemavgift.php

Contact Information

SF? - Swedish Association of Professional Translators
Kansliet, Box 1091, SE-269 21 B?stad, Sweden
Tel: +46 431 755 00
Fax: +46 431 769 90
Email: info@sfoe.se

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