SEMIA South Eastern Medical Interpreters Association


The International Medical Interpreters Association (formerly MMIA) is a non-profit organization committed to equal access to quality health care for all people and to the advancement of professional medical Interpreters.
SEMIA (South Eastern Medical Interpreter Association) was formed in early 2006 in response to the growing need for qualified medical interpreters specifically in Kentucky but also in the south eastern United States as a whole. The Southeast is projected to continue to have an increase in its Limited English Proficient population.
Several efforts have been made by various entities around the state including medical interpreter trainings, a medical interpreter conference and presentations designed to increase the awareness of the need for qualified interpreters. In the spring of 2006,
these entities met and began to make a plan to pool their energies and resources. Out of this has sprung SEMIA. The Board of Directors include members from
Samaritan Hospital, North Central AHEC, Saint Joseph HealthCare, UK Chandler Hospital, Bluegrass Farmworker?s Health Clinic, Hope Center and Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.


– All members will receive our quarterly electronic newsletter, LA SEMILLA, providing up-to-dated information on JCAHO, NCIHC & OCR standards, educational
opportunities, healthcare trends and other valuable resources related to the exciting, ever-changing career of medical interpretation.
– Members are invited to attend the regular meeting of SEMIA, giving each an opportunity to express his or her concerns and interests, helping to influence our
direction and growth.
– Additionally, members receive a 20% discount for the SEMIA Annual Conference, an event in which medical interpreters & their professional associates from throughout the southeastern United States gather to attend informative, interactive sessions conducted by nationally recognized speakers and experts in the field
of medical interpretation and translation. As well, the various social events and meal provided at the conference offer an excellent opportunity to network,
exchange ideas and get to know one another.
– Members will receive discounts on SEMIA-sponsored training and seminars, as well as on any products or services that we offer.
– Finally, all members will have access to a listing of qualified medical interpreters in their area, a benefit that should be of particular interest to corporate
members, but invaluable to anyone who wishes to network with peers.


One-year membership:
$35 Annual Dues
$20 Associate/Student
$150 Corporate

Contact Information

SEMIA South Eastern Medical Interpreters Association
Black and Williams Center
498 Georgetown Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
(859) 281-6086

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