Pan UTI – Pan Cyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters


PanUTI, a member of FIT (F?d?ration Internationale des Traducteurs), is a professional, ethical, non-profit making association with the following objects:
a) To promote professionalism in Translation and/or Interpreting in Cyprus.
b) To advance recognition of Translators and/or Interpreters as specialized qualified professionals by the State and uphold their professional rights.
c) To harmonize professional standards in the field of Translation and Interpreting on the labor market in cooperation with national professional associations of
Translators and/or Interpreters, also members of the International Federation of Translators ? FIT.
d) To promote further education for the qualified Translators and/or Interpreters through the organization of specialized seminars, lectures, conferences, etc. by
e) To promote research and encourage co-operation among qualified Translators and/or Interpreters, aiming at the exchange of experience, information and know-how.
f) To promote professional conduct by qualified Translators and/or Interpreters vis-?-vis their colleagues, associates and clients, in accordance with the Union?s
Code of Ethics.
g) To uphold the moral and material interests of qualified Translators and/or Interpreters, in accordance with the provisions of relevant international conventions and the Translator?s Charter.


PanUTI promotes the professionalism in translation and defends interests of its members nationally and internationally.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

PanUTI - Pan Cyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters
51A Riga Fereou Street
CY-3091 Limassol
Phone: +357 25346998
Fax: +357 25378781

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