NRPSI – National Register of Public Service Interpreters – UK


NRPSI Ltd is as its title suggests a National Register of Public Service Interpreters for the use of Public Service Organizations and agencies that they work through to obtain professional, qualified and quality assured interpreters.
Like other professional registers, it comprises individuals who have satisfied selection criteria in terms of qualifications and experience, agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct (PDF, 95kb) and are subject to Disciplinary Procedures (PDF, 35kb) where there are allegations that the code has been breached.
Public Service Interpreters, as the name implies, are interpreters who work in the context of public services, such as the legal profession, health services and local
government related services, which include housing, education, welfare, environmental health and social services.
Public Service Organisations and agencies that they work through can obtain access to the National Register via a subscription service which is available through this website via the secure On-line Register. If you are not a subscribing organization, please click here.
The Register is administered by NRPSI Ltd, a wholly owned and not for profit subsidiary of the Institute of Linguists. The Institute of Linguists is the UK's
largest language professional body and was established in 1910.


Members of the Selection Panel found, to the best of their knowledge that the interpreters registered were:
* linguistically competent and able to transfer concepts and technical information efficiently from one language and culture to another
* impartial and committed to maintaining confidentiality
* familiar with the terminology, structures and procedures in their specialized field (i.e. Local Government, Law or Healthcare)
* bound by a Code of Conduct (PDF, 38kb)
In addition the new On-line version of the Register is extremely easy and quick for subscribers to use and Management information will be available to all subscribing organizations.
Public Service Organisations and agencies that they work through use the National Register to gain access to your services. As a Registered Public Service interpreter you will be entitled to use the designation RPSI after your name. Your entry in the National Register will include your interpreting qualifications, specialist area of work and interpreting experience - all of which will be included on the secure On-line Register and CD-ROM. Only the first part of your postcode, and contact details will be included on the Register, for security reasons your full address will not appear. Great Work Opportunities
The National Register is used by the public service across the country so that your details are available to:
* Legal services
* Health services
* Local Government
In addition, the introduction of the European Community Human Rights Legislation in the UK means that every defendant has the right to be understood and to
understand. For those whose command of English does not allow this, the name of an interpreter from the National Register will be indispensable.
The Inter-agency Trials Issues Group (TIG), announced that by the end of 2001 the aim is that every interpreter working in the criminal justice system in England and
Wales should be selected from the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, whenever possible.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

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NRPSI - National Register of Public Service Interpreters - UK
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