NGTV – Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators


The NGTV was set up under the name of Netherlands Society of Translators in 1956 as a professional organization for translators and interpreters. In January 2001 the name was changed to NGTV, the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators (Nederlands Genootschap van Tolken en Vertalers).
As a professional organization, the NGTV organizes a number of activities on a regular basis which are accessible to all members and which relate to a specific aspect of the profession. These take the form of workshops or seminars and are organized by the various sections. In 2004 for example, the literary section organized a presentation on translating slang, concentrating on the Dutch
translation of Irvine Welsh?s 'Trainspotting', by Ton Heuvelmans, and a second meeting featuring the translation of song texts led by Jan Rot. The scientific-technical section held a workshop on how to avoid the incorrect use of the comma, and invited the NGTV?s attorney to reply to questions of practical
importance to translators and interpreters. The Legal Interpreters?section held a workshop on Netherlands and European extradition law. Starters? meetings are also held for new translators, to address the problems they are likely to encounter early in their career.
The NGTV also provides a number of support services for its members: a debt collection service, legal advice and assistance and the option of ordering special paper for sworn translations.
The Society is affiliated to a number of organizations. These are SNEVT (a national foundation examination board for translators and interpreters), Raad voor het Vrije Beroep (Council of Liberal Professions) and MetaCom (Dutch Federation for Multilingual Communication). The NGTV is a member of the international umbrella organization for the profession, F?d?ration Internationale des Traducteurs (


The objective of NGTV is:
To promote the ethical and material interests of translators and interpreters in general, and of Dutch translators and interpreters and those established in
the Netherlands in particular; to promote proper understanding of the role of translators and interpreters; to strengthen international contacts in
the area of translating and interpreting.


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