LVG – Lithuanian Translators Guild


The Lithuanian Translators Guild is an independent, self-financed, non-commercial group of professional linguists including both freelance and in-house translators.


The association benefits its members by:
- Rendering professional and legal assistance to translators;
- Raising the level of professionalism;
- Encouraging better skills and knowledge of foreign languages and the Lithuanian language;
- Developing cooperation between freelance translators;
- Consulting the Guild members about protection of their legitimate rights and opportunities;
- Providing opportunities to the Guild members for information and experience exchange;
- Working on commissions building, considering translators? qualifications, and qualities of translations, certifications of translators;
- Developing information database, standardization of translated documents, registration, etc.
- Informing the members about the Guild members? distribution;
- Representing the Guild members? interests at the official bodies, etc.;
- Developing and present of the legal acts drafts targeted to regulate translation activity;
- Communicating with colleagues from abroad.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

LVG - Lithuanian Translators Guild
Address: Konstitucijos Ave. 23-12, LT-08105 Vilnius,
Phone: +370 5 275 4776
Fax: +370 5 275 6556

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