Iraqi Translators’ Association


Founded in Baghdad in 1970, Iraqi Translators' Association is a member of the Supreme Council of Scientific Societies- Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research- Iraq, and it is affiliated to the International Federation of Translators' (FIT) in 1990 during the XII FIT World Congress held in ex-Yugoslavia. It became the first active permanent FIT member in the Arab world.
The Iraqi Translators' Association organized its first Scientific Congress in Baghdad in 1987 followed by the second Scientific Congress in 1988. The third Scientific Congress is to be held in April 2006, and published its first journal on translation issues entitled," the Translator" in 1987. In 2000 it issued the first and
second issues of its quarterly," Translation and Linguistics."
The number of the full active members of the Association amounts to almost (15000) members who translate from Arabic into the world's major languages and vice versa.


The Iraqi Translators' Association organizes translation courses for specialists and non-specialists from Arabic into the major living languages and vice versa in
addition to development courses in these languages. Over 15 such courses have been organized and the 16th course is to be organized in October 2005.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

Iraqi Translators' Association
sons Bldg, 2nd Floor
Opposite rear gate of Al-Mustansiriya University
Palestine Street
Phone: 07902375609
Fax: 07600013527

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