HATC – Hellenic Association of Translation companies


The purpose of HATC is to help develop a positive and productive relationship between the translation companies, HATC members and their customers.
The association participates in national and transnational cultural events, especially scientific and literary events. It researches the historical progress and development of translation, protects and disseminates the work of Greek translators, and always having several other languages in mind as well, such as Italian, German, English, Spanish, etc.
HATC is a member of EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies).
The website of HATC is not offered in English.


HATC benefits its members through:
Seeking mental, moral, material and social progress, protecting and defending the interests of members. Deepening and cultivating relations and cooperation with various other associations, clubs, federations, associations or legal persons, etc., in any area of humanitarian, artistic, literary, scientific or social interest.
Participating in all events and presentations of languages and translation issues.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

HATC - Hellenic Association of Translation companies
Stasinou 13
Phone: 210 7231201
General Secretary: Ms. Odile Brehier
Email: general_secretary@pasmee.gr

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