FATA - Finnish American Translators Association

FATA - Finnish American Translators Association


The Finnish American Translators Association was formed for the purpose of promoting and facilitating the translation of fiction and non-fiction from Finnish into English and vice-versa. FATA is a non-profit organization without pecuniary profit to any officer, director, or member.

The FATA Organizational Meeting was held at FinnFest 1989 in Seattle. The Annual Meetings of the Membership are typically held in connection with FinnFests (an annual festival of Finnish-Americans held in communities that have a large enough population of Finnish descent to run the Festival).

Since the beginning, FATA has published three collections of member translations and a number of individual works. Finlandia Foundation has provided invaluable financial support for FATA’s publication efforts. FATA members have available to them an ISBN prefix, a series of numbers which gets their publications listed in the Bowker index.


The FATA membership includes translators who are primarily interested in translating fiction, while others make a career of translating general and technical materials.



Contact Information

Seija Cohen, FATA Treasurer
2224 Ramsey Road
Monroeville PA 15146
You may contact the current FATA Officers for more information:
Chair – (Irma) Margareta Martin IMMartin222@aol.com)
Vice-Chair – Ritva Cederstr?m ritva-ced@email.msn.com)
Treasurer: Seija Cohen SeijaC@aol.com)
Secretary: Richard Impola impolar@newpaltz.edu)
Ex-Chair: Miriam Leino Eldridge LeinoM@attbi.com)

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