CTPCBA – Guild of Public Translators of the City of Buenos Aires


As a non-profit, non-commercial association, the resources of CTPCBA come from registration/certification fees, annual member dues, the courses, seminars, and symposia it holds, and the authentication services it renders.
The CTPCBA publishes a monthly internal newsletter, an academic magazine and specific communications proposals. It boasts a top-notch specialized library, and its greatest asset is the faithful membership who unselfishly work day in a day out to make CTPCBA an institution that determined quite some time ago to hold a position of consequence in the real context of the contemporary world.
The CTPCBA is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), the association for all institutions that perform international level translation and
interpretation services. It is also a charter member of the FAT (Argentine Federation of Translators), in conjunction with the associations of the provinces of C?rdoba, Santa Fe and Catamarca. An active member of the CEPUC (Coordinating Board of University Profession of the Federal Capital), it is charged with the control and administration of the registration of Sworn Translators as supporting technical experts, within the Argentine justice system.


The main role of the Colegio de Traductores P?blicos De la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CTPCBA) is to represent Sworn translators and to investigate, develop, promote, and share with the public the work and function of these professionals. It is the body that formalizes member registration in the profession, administers the resources of the association, and ensures strict observance of professional ethics and continuing education of its members.


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Contact Information

CTPCBA - Guild of Public Translators of the City of Buenos Aires
Callao 289 - 4 Piso
1022 Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 1 371 86 16
Fax: +54 1 372 79 61
Email: informes@traductores.org.ar

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