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Translation in Croatia has centuries long tradition both because of its geopolitical position and the inquisitiveness and openness so characteristic of small nations. As a curiosity, the Croatian translation of Torquato Tasso's Aminta by Dominko Zlatari? was printed even before the original came out in Italian. It was
after the World War 2 that Translation became a world wide and institutionalized preoccupation - and along with science, technology and politics, literature and
literary translations have always kept their special place, even extended it.
The FIT (Federation International des Traducteurs) was founded in Paris in 1953 and in the UN it received the status of an A-category non-governmental organization attached to UNESCO. Not long afterwards national translators associations of various kinds sprang up the world over.
The Croatian Literary Translators Association - CLTA (Dru?tvo hrvatskih knji?evnih prevodilaca) was officially registered in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1953. The constitutional conference was held on November 11, 1952,stating the basic aims of the Association and electing the Board of Administration.
The Society aims at promoting translation and the status of translation as a profession; improving the social status of translators, and the quality of their work. It organizes conferences on professional topics, works on database on translators, occasionally publishes fiction or poetry in translation, or works on the translation
theory, etc.


The CLTA awards the annual prize for the best literary translation that appeared in the previous year, as well as a prize honoring the life work of a literary translator of outstanding merit. The prizes consist of bronze statuettes. More than one prize may be awarded if outstanding translations in various literary genres have
appeared during the previous year.
DHKP in continually considering various possibilities for taking an active part in promoting Croatian literature abroad. Apart from honoring outstanding translators of Croatian literature into foreign languages, DHKP has been working on another initiative ? that of founding a ?translators? house': Translators? houses have been
functioning in several European countries (France, U. K. etc.) for years, with outstanding results. A Translators? House will provide lodging for a
translator, equipped with computer, use of internet and reference library etc., creating an ideal opportunity for research into the Croatian author?s setting,
vocabulary etc . As an additional bonus, foreign translators working on a translation from Croatian may be able to consult a Croat colleague staying in the
Translators? House at the same time, working on a translation from the guest?s language into Croatian.


To become a member of the Association, a n affirmative review of the least one published translation of literary or related merit is required, with proven activity in the field of literary translation (contributions to relevant literature and cultural
periodicals and/or media).

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