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The Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) is a community of users and providers of translation technologies and services. The ambition of the TAUS community is to translate a manifold of content in an increasing number of languages through technology adoption, service innovation and cross-industry collaboration.
TAUS focuses on the whole spectrum of authoring, translation and globalization processes and technologies. Simply by enabling organizations to share relevant information, identify good practices, find technologies and experts, benchmark processes and leverage their buying influence, TAUS helps companies to
save management time, avoid the risk of mistaken decisions, and save money. And by exchanging experiences and insights, TAUS members cut back dramatically on the learning and implementation costs of new translation technologies.
Change leaders
The translation industry has always been a fragmented market place. The culture of creativity and craftsmanship has hindered it from adopting technology at the same pace as other industries. The rapidly changing landscape requires new thinking. In its current state the language and translation industry is incapable of meeting the
requirements for local language support in an open, global society. It could quadruple in size if we can speed up translation time, process more volume and handle more languages.




?6,500 – Global. For large users of language services and technologies and global service and technology providers.
?3,500 – Corporate. For users and providers of language services and technologies.
?1,000 – Professional. For consultants and small users and providers of language services and technologies.

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