APROTRAD – French Association of Professional Translators


Our association was founded in late 1993 to bring together, not only professionals who have the same concerns and are somewhat scattered in our region, but also students or beginners, as well as translation companies. During our first meetings, it quickly became apparent that there was a real need for information, for members
and non-members of the association.
APROTRAD is representative of natural and legal persons interested in translation: students, professionals and companies. After only a few years of existence, we are recognized in a national level, as evidenced by invitations to events, such Expolangues 97 and the Salon du Livre 98.
The website of APROTRAD is not offered in English.


APROTRAD offers many translation trainings, hosts conferences for students, provide people interested in translation with information by phone, and makes contact with various organizations such as Euro Info Center, chambers of commerce, etc.


Active Members (required proof of 3 years of service): ? 85
Participating Members: ? 45
Companies (up to 10 employees): ? 140
Right to release on: ? 10

Contact Information

APROTRAD - French Association of Professional Translators
46 ter, rue Sainte-Catherine
45000 Orl?ans
Contact Form: http://www.aprotrad.org

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