AETC – Association of Estonian Translation Companies


Translation companies have been offering professional translation services in Estonia since the early nineties, and their nature, quality and price have changed dramatically over the past fifteen or so years. As customers? needs and demands have increased, the level of services offered has also risen. The Association of Estonian Translation Companies was founded with the aim of regulating the translation market and bringing together serious, reliable providers of translation services in pursuit of its goals.
Membership of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies is open to any company which provides translation services, whose objectives conform to those
of member companies and which are interested in the development of their company.
The business ethics of association members must be appropriate and their economic activities reliable.
Translation activities in a member company must constitute a complete process, with support services in addition to regular translation services. All written translations must undergo proofreading or editing as well as reviewing before being sent to clients, meaning that the company does not act on an agency principle
solely as a provider of translations.


The association works having the following goals in view:
1. To contribute to the foundation of a well-functioning competitive environment characterized by openness and honesty in Estonia?s translation market;
2. To raise customer awareness within the translation sector;
3. To express and represent the common interests of Members at the state and social levels;
4. To develop common principles of providing translation services and ensuring translation quality and to continually update them, collecting and analyzing
information about the translation market;
5. To contribute to the betterment of translation services in member companies, coordinating common principles and producing the documents required for them, and arranging information exchange and training;
6. To contribute to the adaptation of European Union best practice and standards in translation within Estonia?s legal space; and
7. To cooperate with other translation-based associations and organizations.


Contact the association for information on membership costs.

Contact Information

AETC - Association of Estonian Translation Companies
R?vala pst 2/Kivisilla 8, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

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