ACEtt – ACE Traductores


Translators ACE was incorporated in 1983 with the aim of defending the interests and legal rights, copyrights or other interests of translators of books and promoting
all activities and initiatives that could contribute to improving the social and professional situation of translators.
As an entity that brings together translators of books, ACE Traductores places special emphasis on the status of authors and their associates in various forms, covering its work from literary translations in the traditional sense of the term - fiction, drama, poetry - to the translation of works of a scientific, technical and
informative nature.
Any translator of books can be a member of ACE Traductores, regardless of nationality or place of residence, as long as they translate into or from Castilian, Catalan, Basque or Galician.


- Participation - Every member have the right to vote and to be voted to all positions of the association
- Information - Every member of ACE Translators receive information about the activities organized by the association


?35 ? One-year membership

Contact Information

ACEtt - ACE Traductores
Santa Teresa, 2, 3?
28004 Madrid
Tel?fono: 91 446 70 47
Fax: 91 446 29 61

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