ACCTI – Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation


Founded in 2003, ACCTI?s voting membership criteria represents 51% or more of Canadian translation revenues generated nation-wide.1 It serves both Canadian
translation and interpreting companies, and users of translation services through otherwise unattainable quality standards and arbitration processes. It provides
a forum for members to work together toward common goals, and represents public interest through quality-oriented voting membership criteria and stringent Specialist designations.


1. Non-Voting Members:
– Member price for attendance at events
– Receive newsletters
2. Non-Voting Vendor Member:
– A special non-voting member
– Company logo and link on website as sponsor
– Host/co-brand Events
– Host/co-brand Industry Publications
– Receive newsletters
– Use logo
3. Voting Members:
– Attest adherence to the ACCTI Code of Professional Conduct
– Member company logo and link on website members’ list
– Eligible to stand for Executive Committee
– Eligible to obtain Translation and/or Interpreting Specialist designation.
– Host/co-brand Events
– Host/co-brand ACCTI Industry Publications
– Member price for exhibits at events
– Receive newsletters
– Use logo on all marketing and general correspondence
4. Specialist Designations:
– May certify services have been provided in compliance to a recognized ACCTI Quality Standard
– Member company logo and link on website Specialist page(s)
– Use applicable ACCTI Specialist designation logo on all marketing and general correspondence
Certification Titles:
i.”Translation Business Specialist”
ii.”Interpretation Business Specialist”
iii.”Translation & Interpretation Business Specialist”


Non-Voting Member: $500
Voting Member: $1,500
Translation Business Specialist: $1,000
Interpreting Business Specialist: $1,000
Translation & Interpretation Business Specialist: $2,000

Contact Information

ACCTI – Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation
Paul Penzo
ACCTI President
Tel. : (416) 975-5000
Fax : (416) 975-0505

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